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The Phillip Fulmer ERA comes to an end.....

Many of you are not Tennessee Volunteer fans.  Many of you are not SEC fans....Many of you love and cherish your own coach as they he should be symbolized as a God amongst the ranks of ordinary men. 

Today, I come to tell you of stories of Phillip Fulmer.  While Fulmer may not be your everyday run of the mill coach, his career record of 150-51 speaks volumes of what his abilities have been.  Today, I come to tell you why he was removed as the coach. 

Phillip Fulmer is a great man.  His legacy at Tennessee will long out live my own life.  His days at Tennessee wearing the Big Orange were well represented down to even this his last and faithful season.  Phillip Fulmer "is" Tennessee Volunteer Football.  Phillip Fulmer is a man amongst the boys.  Phillip Fulmer is a leader. 

When I look back to reflect on the Phillip Fulmer era which covers my entire span of being a Tennessee Volunteer football fan, I can only think back to the remarkable recruiting ability that Phillip Fulmer showed.  Each year it seemed like our Vols were in the top 10 of every recruiting magazine known to man.  Even as recruiting in college football took a national stage, Phillip Fulmer was able to keep up. 

Facilities and opponents have always been first class.  Beating Alabama has been a continued tradition.  Peyton Manning became a symbol of UT football even higher than many ever imagined he could. 

Yet something help Phillip Fulmer back in my eyes.  Every year it seemed like Fulmer couldn't win the "BIG ONE".  While he does have a National Title to his name, it wasn't with Peyton Manning, it was in a year where Florida was down, the SEC had just lost Peyton Manning and there was no clear cut winner. 

The BCS was new to us all and Coach Fulmer showed that with winning, even by the smallest of margins you could continue to ascend to the top of the BCS standings. 

That year Phillip Fulmer proved me wrong, but all the other years....doubts aside, Fulmer has not been able to beat Florida Gators, Alabama Crimson Tide the Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers or the South Carolina Gamecocks enough for me. 

Phillip Fulmer has not been able to convert to the 21st Century Offensives that are all around the country.  His play calling is routine and boring.  3 and 7 turn into 3 yard gains while 3 and 2 turns into 8 yard incompletions.  Defenders play the man and not the ball, high school teams could complete passes against John Chavis's defenses. 

Yet all the while, Tennessee supported the man who was leading us down this road.  Not until this year, in a year in which we can't find the endzone for the second straight season did the fan support waiver on Fulmer.  Today, Phillip Fulmer is gone.  His staff hopefully soon to follow. 

For the shadows at Neyland Stadium should serve as a reminder of days gone by this past Saturday and the last home game against Kentucky should serve as the final ride for a legend of a coach.  Unfortunately, this legend tried to last too long and into an era in which he was no longer the best at converting his talent into a team.  Coach Phillip Fulmer just simply couldn't keep up with the rest of the nation's elite offensive coordinators. 

Posted on: November 7, 2008 7:20 pm

Charlotte Bobcats - Gerald Wallace on the move?

November 7, 2008

Trade rumors have begin to swirl around Charlotte Bobcats forward Gerald Wallace.  (

) Gerald Wallace, the up tempo forward for the Bobcats has averaged just over 19 ppg so far this season as he continues to fill the stat sheet on a nightly basis when healthy.  Playing in no more than 72 games in any NBA season, Wallace has a history of spending some time in street clothes and being a cheerleader. 

From all indications, the Golden State Warriors are the most team most interested in the services of Gerald Wallace.  While coach Don Nelson has had his own problems with players at the forward position, namely Al Harrington, it is rumored that Nelson would love to have the pace and wreckless style of play that Wallace would bring on his club. 

Early indication says that Al Harrington for Gerald Wallace is the most likely deal.  I however cannot see this trade going down.  Both players have very similiar contracts, so it's not as if the Bobcats would be clearing cap room for the 2009 star studded free agent list.  (

Gerald Wallace Contract:

2008/09: $8,287,500, 2009/10: $9.075 million, 2010/11: $9,862,500, 2011/12: $10.65 million, 2012/13: $11,437,500 (Player Option)

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Charlotte Bobcats - New York Knicks Game Recap

Knicks @ Bobcats Recap


Knicks (2-2) 101 - Bobcats (1-3) 98

Top Cat of the Night:  Emeka Okafor, C - In 40 minutes of play Okafor went a very efficient 7-11 on the night from the floor.  Okafor hit 40 minutes of floor time for the first time all season.  Emeka Okafor added his second double-double of the year with a 16pt 15 rebound effort (5 offensive).  The downside to the night for Okafor was 6 turnovers and a continued pedestrian effort from the free throw line going 2-5 (40%). 

Quite Kitty of the Night:  Adam Morrison, SF - After missing all of the 2007-2008 campaign with a torn ACL, Adam Morrison appeared to be getting back in a groove with 10pts and 24 minutes against the Detroit Pistons on November, 3, 2008.  However, after only 5 minutes of play in which he scored 2 pts and got no rebounds, Morrison couldn't muster back to back strong performances.  Indicating that he may not be fully recovered from the ACL injury that cost him his sophomore NBA campaign.

The Bobcats actually won the battle of the boards - 44 to 36. Emeka had his semi-usual 15, Gerald had 11, and Jason Richardson finally took an interest in rebounding, grabbing 9.

An upbeat offensive performance... but against a bad defensive team. The Bobcats shot 48.8% from the field and finished with an offensive efficiency of 105.4 - decent for them. But they hurt themselves with 18 turnovers and did not get to the line enough to counteract the giveaways.

What really happened:  The Knicks once again defended the Garden against the Bobcats and a Larry Brown coached team.  Back in his hometown arena, Brown was loudly booed during pregame introductions, then had a moment in the second quarter that showed he's still getting to know the personnel of his ninth NBA team.

"Jared! Jared!" Brown yelled down the bench, looking for forward Jared Dudley.

"He's in the game," one player called back.

For the detailed boxscore, go here:


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The worse fantasy trade I ever made:


We are all geniuses when it comes to the big fantasy trades we are able to pull off.  But at one time or another, each of us had to have the wool pulled over our own eyes at least once. 

For me, I remember the day like it was yesterday now.  I had just sit down after my first offseason of fantasy baseball.  I had a couple of good ideas from the past season and wanted to take a look at how I could improve my team for the future. 

It was the winter of 1995 and I was eager to get back into the playoffs and take another stab at our defending league champion....when all of a sudden, an offer popped across my screen. 

It read: 

Boston Brawlers (other owner)

Offers you:  Kevin Brown & Ken Griffey, JR

in Exchange for:  Curt Schilling, Barry Bonds & Derek Jeter

Man you know where this is going now don't you :(

I was a kid back then ok.  That was 13 years ago and I was barely 15 at the time ok, so DONT JUDGE ME!!! :)

Well, at first things didnt look so bad.  I had just acquired one of the top pitchers in the game from the past few seasons and a very promising young OF.  All I gave up was Barry Bonds (an OF in his prime who was slightly worse than Griffey in my opinion at the time) and two prospects.  Curt Schilling had not developed to that point and had been given plenty of chances and who the crap was Derek Jeter anyway? 

Well, 13 years later I can now safely say that had I held onto Bonds, Schilling and Jeter I would have had more than 6 titles to show for my long hours of effort.  I learned on that cold snowy day in the middle of the offseason that sometimes the best deals are the ones you never accept at all. 

From that day forward I learned the name of every prospect that could straighten his own jockstrap.  Since then I have brought in many winning players and learned alot. 

Tell me about the day your sun got clouded over!!!

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My God I can almost smell the fresh cut grass

If only it wasn't snowing here in the Mountains of East Tennessee I think I would be able to smell the fresh cut grass of baseball stadiums all around America as we prepare for opening day 2008. 


Oh, wait a damn minute...I can't smell the grass at any stadiums in American because America isn't offering the VERY FIRST MLB GAME OF THE SEASON IN THE STATES.  The American past time is going to Japan?  WTF?  Who's great idea was this.....

Well, anyway...Im just glad I can sit back and watch the Redsox play their opener on National Television.  Besides, now I get two starts out of Dice-K for sure. 

What's that you say?  I've got to be up at 5:00am to see the opening pitch?  Like hell you say, what if I lived on the West Coast, talk about some West Coast Bias, I would have to be up at 2:00am to watch the first pitch....

Man, did baseball mess this one up.  Congradulations for taking an American past time and moving it overseas where the Americans who do love the game and follow it can't even watch it because of a 5:00am start time.  This is BAD

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Posted on: March 24, 2008 12:32 pm

Fantasy Tennis League Anyone?


I have stumbled upon a site that offers a tennis fantasy league.  The base essentials of the league go as follows:

  1. Each owner is allowed to have 10 men & 10 women from their respective tours that are ranked in the top 100.
  2. Each week owners may trade up to 3 men & 3 women from their tour for the next week's tournament. 
  3. Owner's must stay within a 15 million dollar salary cap each week
  4. Player's value can rise or fall after each week based on performance, however as long as you keep them on your roster their value will never change (is my understanding)
  5. Points are awarded based on the round of finish for each player.  Points are awarded on the same scale as the ATP/WTA Tour points are awarded for players.

I would like to start a "club" of tennis players from the CBS message board.  If you are interested either reply in this thread or private message me back.  I will make a cut off date of April 5, 2008.  Hopefully we can get 10, I would like to see more players in our "club" though.

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Posted on: March 17, 2008 12:05 pm

It Must Be Fantasy Baseball Time:

Spring is in the air, plants are blooming, tornadoes are hitting and people are on the endless cycle of exercise trying to fit into clothes that they shouldn't have even 10 years ago. 

But the one constant that let's me know it's fantasy baseball season and spring time is the Bombarding of really "bad" trade offers

Now we all have that owner who likes to offer the really bad trade offers to see if you will bite.  Especially if you are new to a league or in a new league altogether.  It's often this owner who ends up making the playoffs because at somepoint he has suckered some poor sole with his abiltiy to offer bad trades. 

What to do you say? 

Cut off his blood line early.  If he makes you a bad offer .....and I mean a really bad offer, then call him out on the message board about it.  Make it known early that this is the guy to watch for and that you are not going to sit back while he sodomizes you or any of your other league teammates. 

Take action against this villian and stop his evil reign over the league. 

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Posted on: March 17, 2008 12:01 pm

A little about the blogger:

Blogging is not my thing, but I've been asked to give it a run and I'm going to. 

Back in the fall of 2000,  there were a group of guys who had won some CBS Fantasy Baseball titles and some locals to our league (The CBS Fantasy Baseball HOF). 

All of us had been with CBS since they started offering fantasy baseball.  So it all started with a little bit of trash talk, a live draft and a desire to compete, win and take home some honor. 

The CBS Fantasy Baseball HOF is different from the other league's because we don't offer a prize award to the winner.  You simply get to gloat all the next season while having your team's icon or your desired logo blastered across the board like a diamond ad at Christmas time. 

That pride is what has kept owners coming back year after year.  Sure we've had 1 die and two more kick the roads the fantasy glory, but the rest of us have a history together.  Who says fantasy baseball can't bring you together. 

Our league is a salary cap based league in which pitching is a strong suit and you have to have a knack for finding YOUNG talent.  If you don't, you simply dont win. 

Back in the summer of 2002 I was sitting in second place in my division and realized that i didn't have the team to win it after just making the playoffs a year before.  So I decided at that very moment to tank my team, trade off my stars and build for the future.  Those transactions in 2002 lead me to 5 straight Fantasy Baseball HOF titles starting in 2003. 

Destiny's Team as we are called have set 10 of 11 Fantasy Baseball and CBS recognized records.  We have an outstanding record of 265-53 in that 5 year span.  So you are wondering what the roster looks like, well here is the opening day roster for the 2008 Defending Fantasy Baseball HOF Champions


C:  Joe Mauer

1b:  Prince Fielder

2b:  Dan Uggla

SS:  Hanley Ramirez

3b:  Miguel Cabrera

OF:  Ichiro, Matt Holliday & Andruw Jones

U/DH:  Ryan Howard & Carl Crawford

Bench:  Matt Kemp & Jeremy Hermidia

 Minor League Hitters:  Carlos Gonzalez, Fernando Martinez, Geovany Soto & Steve Pearce

The 2008 Staff and the Backbone to 5 straight league titles

Johan Santana, Josh Beckett, AJ Burnett, Matt Cain, Cole Hamels, Aaron Harang, Felix Hernandez, Francisco Liriano, Pedro Martinez, Roy Oswalt, Bronson Arroyo, Chris Carpenter, Yovani Gallardo, Rich Harden, Shawn Hill, Brett Myers, Ian Snell & Dontrelle Willis

The Closers:

Joe Nathan, Billy Wagner, Jason Isringhausen & F-Rod

The Future of the Club & why we are so successful: 

ML Pitchers: 

Nick Adenhart, Colin Balester, Johnny Cueto, Wade Davis, Ross Detwiler, Luke Hochevar & Rick Porcello


You see, the key to this team has been my minor league sytem, I have had the following players since they were in the minors: 

Joe Mauer, Ryan Howard, Prince Fielder, Josh Beckett, Roy Oswalt, Johan Santana, Rich Harden, Ian Snell & Felix Hernandez....with talent like that coming up, it's easy to buy in auction what you need and then trade your other top prospects for the league's best players. 

I hope you have enjoyed


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